Work With Us (or maybe not )

Looking at other slightly more serious blogs it seems to be ‘de-rigeur ‘to have a ‘work with us’ page , so here goes …….


4Paws Pubs is a (insert crap made up vomit inducing  ‘dog speak ‘adjective here ) dog blog and I am just a tad suprised,  that our blog has actually made it from an alcohol induced idea to the web.

By way of introduction ,FW is a little shit of a terrier, who will pee on your furniture, howl when he’s bored and generally take sod all notice of you unless he wants something , photogenically you’ve no chance unless you are after the perfect shot of a hairy ginger backside , tear-arsing off over the horizon.

He is available for christenings , weddings and bar mitzvahs on request.

We are open to collaborating with brands and organizations that are a good fit with our lifestyle in lots of different ways,…… beer, chocolate, unhealthy treats, winning lottery tickets, blank cheques ,pig ears etc.

In terms of our Blog popularity (or lack of )  ,well quite frankly I don’t give a rats arse about rankings , traction is something you normally lose after about 10 pints , or the only DA that I’m aware of was shaggy and the hero of a dodgy Disney movie many years ago …but I digress …

We are based in Gods Own Country though we’d love to travel further but being brutally honest.  finances are a bit tight at the moment  .However we are happy to try any dog-friendly Establishment  that is hospitable, at best , tolerant at worst to mutts of very little brain, accommodation, cafes, pubs, so long as there is free grub and beer , the best room in the house to be had for nowt and you promise not to throw us out.

Can’t guarantee we’ll mention you afterwards  but we’ll be memorable in our own unique way anyway so that won’t matter .

I am happy to consider writing sponsored posts but don’t hold your breath, its a struggle to even get my fat arse out of bed at times and get the words right on my own blogpost , never mind for anyone elses . I’ll happily publish guest posts on my blog, at heart I’m a lazy git so someone else doing the work is quite frankly ok by me.

We can also promote your business if you really are desperate , on our extremely un-engaging  Instagram account. (currently about 30  followers mainly family friends and assorted other weirdos ) that features numerous poorly taken shots of FW hogging the furniture and displaying his nether regions . (product placement a speciality 🙂 )

Contact us here if you dare 🙂