.. regardless Before we go on with this page let me apologise ….

For why you ask ? Quite honestly I’d assume if you’ve got this far on this blog you’ve either no friends or you’ve actually got an interest in places to visit with the pooch .

If you’re the former and you are indeed Billy No Mates well at least thanks for visiting – its been a right laugh !

If you’re the latter then I’m assuming that you are a responsible dog owner so sorry I’m no doubt preaching to the converted and the rest of this page will make you nod sagely as you read thinking well of course we do that all the time ,

Anyway Dogs in Pubs is always going to be something that divides people .To be honest I’ve rarely met with any real opposition even when Bruce is in one of his best ‘little shit moods’ but to be on the safe side we always try to stick with the following to make sure we stay on the right side of both landlords an fellow drinkers . All common sense really but we all know some idiots who will screw it up for everyone ?


The Obvious 

Make sure mutt has been ‘out ‘ beforehand – a steaming pile in the middle of the best Axminster does not enamour you to mine hosts or your drinking companions and is likely to result in a swift exit to the pavement and banishment for ever … you have been warned

Dogs on leads

This especially going out to all those owners who’s charges are so ridiculously well behaved that they can not only fetch your slippers on your return but pour you a large malt and russell up a Michelin standard supper from the Aldi value items left at the back of fridge …..

Yes we know Rover is vastly more intelligent than our mere mortals canines but just get your oversized ego in check and put him on a lead the same as every other dog in the place .Failure to follow this simple rule ? Then also accept the simple fact that ever other owner in the pub wants to quite happily murder you …..

The only exception ever to this rule is obviously the resident pub dog who quite frankly can do what the hell they want …

Seat or Floor ?

Floor unless told otherwise ….end of….regardless of dog size or shape … (and yes you with the carried everywhere distrublingly expensive toy breeds clad  in toe curling embarrasing ‘designer outfits ‘  must have accessory  – I’m looking in your general direction ).

The only exception ever to this rule is obviously the resident pub dog who quite frankly can still do what the hell they want …