Thanks You !


Many thanks for visiting our dodgy dog site and hope that by some minor  miracle you may have found it useful or entertaining

4PP blog is a personal hobby project with no advertising revenue or paid content revenue.However if  you’ve found it of any use at all we wonder as a favour  you would consider a small donation to our friends at Aireworth Dogs in Need ?

FW was a rehomed mutt ( although not from Aireworth ) and we appreciate the fantastic job small rescues like ADIN do in finding safe and responsible homes for hounds needing help.

It’s also sad that local rescue charities such ADIN tend to miss out on donations in favour of National Canine Organisations who receive the most publicity.

Local organisations also do the leg work that some of the big Animal Care Charities wont take on , they deal with not just high profile cruelty cases that get the awww factor on TV  but the everyday stuff finding new homes for dogs where an owner has died, gone into residential care or can no longer live with its owner due to housing issues or increased work commitments.Staffed by entirely by volunteers all monies go into the care of the dogs in our local area and beyond.

Show em some love and chuck em a few quid -you know you want to !

Ta Muchly