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 Introducing the tw*t-ish terrier – a right royal pain in the derriere. A scruffy ,yappy and  ridiculously stubborn old fashioned sort of a very little brain canine , owned by myself, ‘the lard goddess ‘(fat, fifty and more than occasionally f***ed off with the world), for my sins and welcome to 4 PAWS PUBS , my tales of our, customarily, misadventures together.

4PP is a blog of our days out doing the things we enjoy, a bit of fresh air and a ‘very very steady’ wander followed by a few quality beverages in dog friendly pubs where both humans and canines, even delinquent terriers are truly welcomed!

Most of our travels are in God’s Own County of Yorkshire but occasionally we may stray to the dark side and into Lancashire and beyond! Periodic off topic rants at the world in general and an odd four letter word are to be expected .(It’s an age thing !) 

I hope the site provides a useful-ish resource and hopefully a bit of light entertainment for anyone who might enjoy similar type expeditions with their trusty(ish)  furry companion.

You can read more about us and the blog’s background here .

No freebies or paid promotion  (save the odd pint ) is involved in this site, unlike lots of ‘dog blogs’, it’s essentially just a paticularly sad hobby site,  so a nod, either by a social media follow or by comment, to show that someone is at least reading the thing would be appreciated !!

Any inspired suggestions for destinations for us to test out or perhaps would like to embarrass yourself totally and submit your own day out musings then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As well as our travels on a serious note I hope 4PP can show the real positives of taking on a ‘second-hand mutt’  like TT .Up and down the country there are thousands of dogs looking for new homes not all perfectly behaved or ridiculously cute and cuddly but all in need of a chance of a new sofa to monopolize.

Feeling particularly generous and?  A donation to our local dog rescue organization to help less fortunate mutts would be awesome!

Enjoy !


4 Paws Pubs Days Out ALWAYS

Include a visit to a canine friendly pub  And will normally involve the  imbibing of at least one delicious traditional hand pulled British Ale !

Are accessible by some form of Public Transport  Err.. see the above  !! Travel info can be found on each post as a guide.  

Are lead- friendly Not everyone’s best friend has the recall of a Crufts Obedience Champ and we like to be inclusive !

Are cheap ‘n’ cheerful and a tad random  I don’t stick to one sort of day out – countryside , coast or urban – some are a success others not so , non cost the earth – variety and all that s*** !

.4 Paws Pubs Days Out NEVER

Are ridiculously strenuous  It’s a day out with a gentle(ish) perambulate and some light ‘refreshments’, not a sodding route march.

Are child-friendly I’m middle-aged with an occasionally grumpy terrier – sorry but that’s just how it is.

Are ‘Written’ by the dog’  TT is a dog (no s** Sherlock !) who understands ‘walk‘, ‘dinner’ and ‘bed ‘and very sporadically ‘sit’ and ‘come’. Make a blog post from that if you will!

Replace a detailed route guide or serious beer blog You can find these all over the net written by folk far far more obsessive and at times far far  more boring than me .

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